My website is a little like my DIY stuff at home, I know it needs attention, but then something else always crops up to distract me from working on it! Of course, this is all the more shocking, considering I run Arts Hosting, providing awesome web development and maintenance work for others – but then your own stuff always comes last!

But¬†finally¬†I’ve managed to update it a little, and refocus the content to reflect my current work a little better.

A few things to draw your attention to then:

Musical Theatre MA

As many of you are no doubt aware, I’m halfway through my part time journey on the Masters in Musical Theatre at Goldsmiths in London. This second year will see me write some form of substantial musical offering as my final project, so I’ll be attempting to perhaps ‘journal’ some of the process of that and share some details of the work as I go.

New Musicals

Alongside the Masters course, I’m working on a couple of other new musicals – you know what they say, don’t let the dust grow under your rolling ball of moss… or something like that. Anyways, I’ll share more info about these as and when things progress, but if you’re interested in new musical work, get in touch in the meantime.


I’m trying to shift my focus more and more towards composing rather than performing, so I’ll be sharing and uploading as many new compositions and demos as I can. I’m also trying to find space for a project called Song52 in 2013 – hold that thought!

Anyways, that’ll do for now. A few things still to add, fix and change on the site, but in the meantime, make yourself at home, I have.